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SW Virginia Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

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Wind & Weather Resources

NWS Hourly Forecast (48 hrs) An excellent forecast tool, it provides hourly forecasts for a 48-hour period, which can begin several days in the future:
Click your location on the map, or scroll down to find your location in the list. (See Eagle Rock under Botetourt county, or Mechanicsburg/Bland County for Big Walker)

Wind Mapper An excellent wind forecast tool, it provides recent observations and forecasts several days ahead for the entire region.

Intellicast Wind Maps Nice maps showing the current and predicted wind flow lines.

US Airnet "Surface Condition Weather Forecasting for Air Sports Aviators". This link is for the forecast at Dublin, VA (close to Big Walker), but other locations are just a click away:

National Weather Service 24-hour Observation Summary Winds and current conditions for a few locations.

Weather Channel Maps The WC has nice maps with iso-bars, which are useful for predicting wind direction and velocity. But their main page has tons of stuff, making it slow to load. Here are links directly to the maps without all the other stuff:

Clubs and Organizations

Buzzards Club: This started out as a hang gliding club, then became mostly paragliders with an influx of paraglider pilots flying Moore Mountain in the 1990's. Moore Mountain seems to be shut down now, and the main Buzzard Club activity seems to currently be the hang gliding group: They can be contacted through the Buzzard Club Site or on their Yahoo Groups BuzzardClub List

Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association:Located in West Virginia.

Southern Para Pilots:SPP is a club for paraglider pilots in the SE, mainly the states of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolina's
Be sure to check out their Safety Page

Maryland and Capital Hang Gliding / Paragliding Associations:Two closely connected clubs located in Washington DC and Baltimore, Md.
Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association 
Maryland Hang Gliding Association
Skyline - CHGPA Publication

Central Carolina Tow-To-Soar Club (CCTTSC): Hang Gliding Club located near Raleigh, NC with sites in Central North Carolina and South Carolina. They do truck and aero towing and have a training hill and a club instructor. They also have a Yahoo discussion group:

Hyner View Hang Gliding Club: Hang Gliding Club & Site in Central Pennsylvania.

Wind Riders Hang Gliding Club: Located in SE Pennsylvania (Valley Forge). They merged with the Hyner Club in 2007, so the future of this web link is in question

Tennessee Tree Toppers:Located in Dunlap Tennessee (near Chattanooga). Dunlap is in the Sequatchie Valley and home of the world famous Henson's "radial ramp".

Schools & Businesses

Fly West Virginia: Hosted by Skywacker Dwayne McCourt - primarily paragliding. This video was made by former students of Dwayne: Learning to Paraglide

USHPA: The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, of course! USHPA

Blue Sky Hang Gliding: Hang Gliding School near Richmond and a dealer for both the Mosquito and Doodle Bug Powered Harnesses:

Silver Wings: A Hang Gliding School in the Northern Virginia (DC) area.

Foothills Flight Park: Hang Gliding School near Charlotte, NC:

Southern Skies: Paragliding School in central North Carolina.  They also sell and manufacture paramotor units:

Lookout Mountain Flight Park: One of the original hang gliding schools, near Chattanooga, TN:

HPAC: The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada:

BHPA: The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, publisher of Skywings Magazine:

HGFA: The Hang Gliding Federation of Australia:

Professional Air Sports Association: " information on the industry of Hang Gliding, Kiteboarding, Paragliding, Parasailing, and Ultralight Flying for businesses and individuals":

High Energy Parachutes: Manufacturer of hang gliding harnesses and of the world famous Quantum emergency parachutes: 

New Hang Gliding Pilots: Good information for learning about basic hang gliding stuff:

Paragliding  Tales and Reviews: Lots of good paragliding information, marketplace, etc:

Airborne Gliders: Australian Manufacturer of the Airborne Sting XC2 175, a good glider for use with a powered harness as it offers easy handling, good performance, and an excellent weight range. The keel is already removable so no major modifications are needed.

Avian: - UK Manufacturer of hang gliders, paragliders, and harnesses:

Flying Related, Useful, or Interesting Stuff

Sport Aviation Publications: A wide variety of textbooks written by Dennis Pagen.  Excellent references for both beginning and advanced hang glider and paraglider pilots, with extensive towing and weather information. There are two links - a 'new' one and an 'old' one - right now the old one appears to have more info:
The website appears to be down, but main of the books are available in the USHPA store.

Fly Roanoke: Of local interest for Hang Gliding and Paragliding pilots in the Southwestern region of Virginia.  Originally hosted by Kermon Carter, but since taken down. An archival mirror is here: Lots of good information and many useful links: Mirror

Hang Gliding Museum: Is looking for photos, films, posters, T-shirts, log books and even "receipts, X-rays, broken parts, correspondence, contest applications and thousands of other odd bits that seem unimportant".

FAA Procedures and Information: Resource for general aviation info - useful procedures for dealing with Air Traffic Control, etc:

See How It Flies An excellent on-line book about all aspects of flight physics and techniques.

Peter Birren's Flying Links Nice master list of links to all sorts of things of things Flying related.

(updated March 26, 2016)

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